Summerland Museum & Heritage Society

Summerland's Museum is committed to creating a strong and proud community by celebrating our shared heritage and helping to satisfy the intellectual needs of the community.We have been a presence in Summerland since the late 1960's, and are dedicated to our mission to preserve and promote our region's rich history.

Our Impact Why We Exist

The mandate of our museum is that we will preserve and promote Summerland’s history. This is accomplished through the collection, documentation, preservation, interpretation, research, display, collaboration and service to the public.

The purpose of the Archives, as a part of the Summerland Museum, is to identify, acquire and preserve material of archival and/or informational value to the District of Summerland, and the community as a whole, and to make such records available to the public.

It is important to us that members of our community have access to our shared histories, and all visitors to the museum have an enlightening and enjoyable experience when learning about our community and its role in our region's history.

Our Story What We Do

Summerland has been fortunate to have a Museum in its midst since the late 1960’s. An informal organization began regular meetings and the acquisition of artifacts with the hope that the town’s Canadian Centennial project might include a library and museum complex. The powers that be opted for the Giant’s Head Park project, but the Museum gang held on to their dream, incorporated as a society and waited for the announcement from the town’s BC Centennial Committee in 1971. This project called for additions to the existing arena, one being an ice viewing room and the second, a small cement block room on the corner of the building to be used as a museum. Unfortunately the arena was condemned a few years later, but the Museum portion was left standing.

This building soon proved totally inadequate so in 1976 the empty KVR Station on South Victoria was made available for use as a museum. After a few years the Society looked into the possibility of having it moved closer to town because its location proved very inconvenient for visitors. The planned move and subsequent restoration proved too expensive an option, so a decision was made to plan a new building. With a grant from the Federal Government and the site and general contractor duties provided by the Municipality, the present facility was officially opened in 1984.

Our Programs How We Do It

The Summerland Museum Board will make its collections available to the public of all ages, interests and abilities, through the use of exhibits, educational programs, public programs, publications, special events, outreach exhibits, lectures and speakers.

We work in partnership with local programs to provide educational summer programs for children, participate in a work experience program for local students, and promote our collection through the means mentioned above. 

What You Can Do

Come and volunteer at the Summerland Musuem! Volunteers are considered an asset at the Summerland Musuem and they assist in a variety of roles throughout the Museum.  Our volunteers receive formal training in research, managing files, and organizing fundraising events.  Volunteers also have an oppportunity to increase their knowledge of local history, thereby creating knowledgable and engaged citizens for our local communities!


Amy McCroy
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Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
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