Summerland Kiwanis Senior Citizen Housing Society

We are a 20 unit housing complex with low-income/market rents. Our building is 34 years old and is needing a new roof and several other updates. We are slowly managing to save the funds for the roof but as you can imagine there is not much left. We have had a turnover in the last few years, leaving us with younger tenants. We would like to build raised garden beds to grow food, stay fit and enjoy the beautiful Okanagan weather.

Our Impact Why We Exist

In 1982 the Summerland Kiwanis Club decided to approach BC Housing for funding a Housing project.  At that time the club was well established and had many members.  Along with many  members came the ability to give to our community in several different ways. The enthusiasm of the members really built the Housing.   The Kiwanis Housing was built and taken care of by the members for several years.  Time has gone by and the members that helped establish Kiwanis Housing have passed on.The Summerland Kiwanis Club is still thriving and the Housing is doing well also.  We are very proud of Kiwanis Housing, taking care to provide low-income housing and keeping the suites up todate.

Our Story What We Do

We supply low income/market rent 1 bedroom housing units.

Growing food has become much more prevalent.  Several of the tenants asked for garden areas.  Last year there was a few spots in the flower gardens that were empty so I planted potatoes and shared them with the tenants. 

Growing your own garden has several healthy benefits; keeping active, fresh produce at a great price etc.

We would like the tenants to enjoy gardening at their home.

Our Programs How We Do It

We would like to offer gardening opportunities for our tenants to enrichen their lives while living at Summerland Kiwanis Housing. 

The Summerland Kiwanis Club has offered us $500. to start for our raised beds.  But to buy wood products that will last is $1200. and that leaves us short about $700.

What You Can Do

If you could help us with a grant we can build our garden boxes and give a lot of enjoyment to our tenants.


Darlene Tryon