Summerland Food Bank

The Summerland Food Bank & Resource Centre is a registered charity, a community food bank and a source of information about social services available to people in need in Summerland. Our Resource Centre provides free public internet access, free emergency phone and fax services, emergency shower and laundry facilities. We also offer free shared office space and business services for use by out-of-town social service agencies to meet with their Summerland Clients in Summerland. We are open five days a week from 9 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. We employ one full time Resource Coordinator supported by approximately 50 community volunteers

Summerland Food Bank LogoOur Impact Why We Exist

The Summerland Food Bank & Resource Centre exists to help Summerland residents in need in any way we can. Our Food Bank has been in continuous operation for 33 years. Our Resource Centre was established in May 2013 to provide "a one stop information and help centre for people in need in Summerland".

We attempt to provide a sanctuary for people in need - a place they can return to time and time again as they navigate the complex and challenging web of social services. We also invite  providers of social services to come to Summerland and use our offices and business services (at no cost) to serve the needs of their clients in our community.

Current times are very challenging for those on the fringes of poverty. We help.

Donated Food on ShelvesOur Story What We Do

The Summerland Food Bank & Resource Centre provides the only comprehensive hub for social services in Summerland. Our facility is open full time, five days per week. The services we provide are as follows:

  • The Summerland Food Bank
  • Emergency food packages
  • Two shared offices at no charge for use by social service agencies to meet with their Sumerland clients in Summerland
  • Internet services, printing etc.
  • Emergency phone and Fax services
  • Emergency shower facilities
  • Emergency laundry facilities
  • Information library and referral services
  • Winter outerware & miscellaneous household items
  • Odd job program - providing supplementary income for social assistance clients
  • Working to establish local low-cost housing

Our Programs How We Do It

The Summerland Food Bank is our legacy program - since 1984. Approximately five percent of Summerland's residents use the food bank at least once each year.

Our Resource Centre provides information and assistance other than food to Summerland residents in need. We do this in a variety of ways including:

  • encouraging them to come in as many times as they need to seek new sources of help, keep us informed of their situation and progress toward self sufficiency.
  • providing a comprehensive library of resource materials, booklets, flyers for as many social service providers as we can find.
  • providing office space and business services to social service agencies to serve their Summerland clients in Summerland
  • participating in and sponsoring local committees that attempt to improve the social service network in Summerland.
  • providing emergency help when needed (food, laundry, personal hygeine etc.).
  • facilitating special need groups (for example stroke recovery).
  • Matching local odd jobs to social assistance clients needing supplementary income.
  • Maintaining a social media network to obtain donated specific household items for people in need (clothing, bedding, furniture, tools, equipment etc.).

What You Can Do


Join our team of approximately 50 volunteers and help with the rewarding work of the Food Bank & Resource Centre. The Food Bank has numerous ways to serve including picking up food, sorting and warehousing food, making up hampers, helping on food distribution days and delivering to shut-in or disabled clients. At the resource Centre you can provide direct assistance to clients by driving them to appointments, helping them with forms, resumes and research and helping them navigate the Internet. As a board member or board helper you can volunteer to help with administration, finance, food ordering, public relations, donor recognition and fundraising.


Visit any of our web pages - starting at and click on the donate button to make a donation.