Spinal Cord Injury BC

Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC), helps people with spinal cord injury and related physical disabilities adjust, adapt and thrive as they deal with a new injury or struggle with the ongoing challenges of living and aging with a disability.

Our Impact Why We Exist

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can happen to anyone, at anytime. And when it does, it affects every aspect of your life. An SCI is devastating; newly injured people are afraid and often experience depression and anxiety. They don’t know how they’ll support themselves or where they will live. If it was just about the walking, spinal cord injury would be easy. But it isn’t. And it’s not. Learning to adapt to a new way of living can be frightening, frustrating, and overwhelming. Friends and family desperately want to help, but don’t know how.

Spinal Cord Injury BC helps people adapt, adjust and thrive, whether they are dealing with a new injury, or with the ongoing challenges on living and aging with a disability.  

Our Story What We Do

We don’t believe that people with spinal cord injuries need to sit on the sidelines because of an injury. Our YouTube channel and our magazine, THE SPIN, help educate about healthy living practices, inform on research and innovations, and inspire with stories of people who are thriving in their lives, despite their spinal cord injury. Our Peer Program events challenge people to push past their fears, introducing new activities and new experiences. 

SCI BC is the go-to resource for people with spinal cord injuries in BC, helping people adapt to their injury so that they can get back to doing what they love. Our staff provides guidance on how to access housing, funding for adaptive equipment, information about transportation, employment, and more.  Most importantly, we provide a connection to other people with SCI - those who have been there. 

Our Programs How We Do It

Our programs and services provide social connections, educational opportunities, and unique life experiences to individuals with SCI, their family and friends. Our Peer Support program provides opportunities for people living with a spinal cord injury to form lasting social connections that reduce isolation and result in improved emotional well-being.  Through a series of “life changing” events held throughout the year, people come together in a relaxed environment where they can share and learn from each other. Our Information Services team is there via email, phone and skype to help families navigate the challenges and difficulties of adjusting to a new life, and to connect them to resources to help them find solutions.

What You Can Do

An investment in Spinal Cord Injury BC promises a return like no other – a return to a fulfilling life following a devastating injury. By becoming a volunteer, monthly donor, a program sponsor, or by leaving a legacy gift you can make an incredible difference in someone’s life, and help them to adjust, adapt and thrive.


Shelley Milstein
Manager of Philanthropy
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