South Okanagan RECOPE Society

Recope is a community based fitness program in Summerland for adults requiring medical support to exercise safely. A dedicated team of professionals and volunteers support participants to engage in rehabilitative exercises. Participation in turn empowers people to improve their own health. At Recope people learn to "move better, feel better and live better" in a fun and socially supportive setting.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Recope strives to provide safe, affordable, rehabilitative fitness programming for people with medical challenges.   We believe that medically appropriate exercise and a caring community are vital to healing, health maintenance and quality of life.

Recope's medically designed and supervised therapeutic exercise program helps people get moving, feel stronger, experience less pain and reclaim an active and independent life. Regular exercise has been proven to decrease persistent pain, improve mobility, decrease dependence on many medications, improve  joint stability, prevent falls and lift depression.

Our Story What We Do

Recope was conceived in 1976 and has been running continuously for 41 years. Recope's participants are adults of all ages living with injury, diabetes, cardiac disease, strokes, arthritis and mental illness.

Community support and personal empowerment to manage and prevent persistent pain and disease are the driving forces behind our programming.

stretching over big ballOur Programs How We Do It

Recope runs a land exercise class as well as two aquafit classes three mornings a week at the Summerland Aquatic Fitness Center. Recope's Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapist provide assessment, supervision and modifications to ensure appropriate and safe participation.  Classes are uniquely designed for people with medical conditions.  

Recope is a non-profit society, partially funded by Interior Health and donations, which helps to keep user fees affordable.

volunteering to help client maintain balance in the poolWhat You Can Do

Your donations assist Recope to keep participant fees affordable so that we can eliminate financial barriers to rehabilitation and wellness.

Volunteers are always needed to lend a hand to clients who need a buddy for balance in the water.  Join our team and enjoy seeing people regain mobility and confidence while you get some exercise yourself.


Jean Munro
Program Manager and Occupational Therapist
Charitable Number: 119158095RR0001

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Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 129,237