Skaha Bluffs Park Watch Society

The Skaha Bluffs Park Watch Society was registered on September 11, 2015 in order to provide parking area monitors to deter vehicle thefts, as well as to act as ambassadors of safety, at-risk species, and tourism within the surrounding area.

Our Impact Why We Exist

The Skaha Bluffs Park Watch Society represents many different user groups of Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park including climbers, hikers, equestrian enthusiasts, and mountain bikers.

In 2015, these user groups experienced an increase in theft from vehicles at the Skaha Bluffs parking areas. The thefts made some tourists and locals feel unsafe about driving to participate in activities at Skaha Bluffs. The Park Watch Society strives to re-establish the feeling of safety in the parking area, and educate visitors on the area through a paking lot monitor program. 

Our Story What We Do

The Skaha Bluffs Park Watch Society (SBPWS) encompasses many non-profit groups representing different users of Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park. This group is intent on providing a safe experience for anyone wanting to enjoy the benefits the variety of recreation opportunities including hiking, rock climbing and wildlife viewing. The group also hopes to educate the users about protecting habitat for a variety of species at risk.

The SBPWS will be responsible for the fundraising and coordination of the parking area monitor. The Society hopes to use the Skaha Bluffs parking area as a pilot project that may evolve to include parking areas of other highly used recreational spaces surrounding Penticton.

Our Programs How We Do It

The Skaha Bluffs Park Watch Society will be coordinating a parking lot monitor program that will see active, on-site supervision of the parking areas at Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park, during key hours of each day. This program seeks to educate the multi-user groups about prevention of theft from vehicles and the natural habitat of the park; provide a level of safety to both the parking area as well as the activities within the park; and advertise the region to incoming tourists. These goals will be accomplished through having a monitor visible during normal activity hours who will be equipped with a phone to contact emergency services and Search and Rescue. The monitor will also be available to hand out informative brochures and answer additional questions about the area.

What You Can Do

The Skaha Bluffs Park Watch Society is continually accepting donations to assist in its goal to provide full-time monitoring of the Skaha Bluffs parking area. Cash donations can be made during the operating season (March-October) at a donation box present with the Park Watch Monitor.


Rolf Rybak
Society President

Finance & Governance