SD67 Breakfast Program

Volunteer program to provide breakfast to needy children who otherwise would arrive at school hungry. Program is funded through donations and all work in volunteer. I have been raising funds for food and to replace and upgrade the equipment in the schools. Each school also do fund raisers and grant requests. The need is increasing each year and each day the schools in the district feed in excess of 300 children.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We exist because of the need to feed and care for the welfare of our young children in our community.

Our Story What We Do

We raise funds to provide food and enhance nutritional breakfast options to assist the numerous volunteers who provide breakfast to needy children in our schools whom otherwise would go hungry. This is an ever increasing need in our community and as well the equipment used is in dire need of upgrading and maintenance. 

Our Programs How We Do It

Volunteers for each school program write grant letters each year which in most cases provides the basic funding to provide a basic breakfast. There are continuous funding gaps for most of the programs. I have reached out to the business community to assist with providing funds and the responce has been great. I personally donate $3000 annually to fund the breakfast and lunch program at Connect Ed which is mostly high risk students. This year one of my goals is to upgrade and provide maintenance for all of the equipement in all of the schools which are sadly in need of this. This is the purpose of this request, to provide the funds for this part of the project.

What You Can Do

Provide funding for the equipment upgrades and maintenance


Trevor Nelson