Princeton Leaders for Literacy (under) Princeton Family Services Society

Princeton Leaders for Literacy (PLFL) consists of a small board of active and dedicated volunteers. Princeton Family Services is the non-profit society who stewards the literacy task force, so PLFL is able to operate and apply for grants as a non-profit. PLFL meets monthly to discuss programs and make literacy decisions around funding and meaningful community impact. Our mission is to enhance the literacy skills of the residents in our community, focusing on inclusiveness. No one person is too young or old to benefit from the opportunity to learn. Growing together, supporting each other through strong, respectful and hard-working partnerships will strengthen our resolve to be a strong literate rural community. Princeton Leaders for Literacy (PLFL) is continually working to find ways of assisting, initiating and growing literacy programs in both support and leadership roles. PLFL holds fundraising events, connects partnering organizations, seeks out community volunteer individuals and organizations, hires tutors, organizes community literacy events, assists the local schools with literacy initiatives, writes grants, secures in-kind donations, collects literacy resources for programs and formulates literacy programs.

Literacy is funOur Impact Why We Exist

1) To enhance community awareness of the programs, resources and services provided locally and to enhance engagement from our residents.

2) To facilitate ongoing educational opportunities and arrange for local training

3) To build relationships and bridge connections between the age groups

4) To enhance and promote health and physical activity

5) Acquire resources to implement the Community Literacy Plan

6) To address the speech and language delays in the community

Literacy challenges teach life skillsOur Story What We Do

Princeton Leadrs for Literacy strives to increase literacy in Princeton and area by lending a helping hand whenever and wherever possible.  This objective is facilitated not just through Princeton Leaders for Literacy, but through partnerships.  Strong partnerships have been built over time through mutual respect, ingenuity, hard work and a commitment to literacy.  These partnerships have created real identifiable change.  Partnership with Princeton's three schools have helped assist the staff with students reading skills, participate in free family reading events where students receive free books, create an annual literacy challenge, offer volunteer hours to highschool students, and host celebrity reading events.  Partnerships with the Princeton Health Unit offer free books for two separate programs.  Partnership with the local employment agency help clients improve their chances for employment through tutoring and help seniors become computer savy.  Other partnerships with businesses, organizations and volunteers are crucial to program success.  Financial and in-kind support are both crucial to Princeton Leaders for Literacy's survival and we work hard to maintain those relationships.       

Literacy is more than classroom learning!Our Programs How We Do It

One-to-One Tutoring - anyone looking for a hand up to improve grades in school, improve English language skills, learn to read or upgrade for employment or educational opportunities can receive 20 hours of free tutoring.

Your Arm Your Book - Kindergarten immunization comes with a book bag to ease the pain

Books for Babies - newborn babie receive a book bag at the first visit by the local health nurse

Senior Computer - seniors are offered 2 weeks of computer basics for free to give them the necessary skills to navigate in today's world.  Seniors make new friends and learn about online scams and safety as well as feel a new sense of freedom.  Isolation decreases for attendees.

Red Bookshelf - anyone can take or leave a book at any of the red bookshelf locations in the community

Bedtime and Books - celebrity readers twice throughout the school year attend a free family fun night and read to students and their families.  Free snacks and free books are given to attendees.

Family Literacy Week - celebrity readers inundate the elementary school for a morning of reading and play.

Volunteer Reading - volunteers listen and assist student readers to encourage life long reading and to give them help as needed to improve reading skills 

Amazing Literacy Race - this is a day long literacy event that teaches students about all types of literacy with challenges that take them on a scavenger hunt thoughout the community.

The Human Upload - highschool students offer technology advice to those in need in partnership with Okanagan Regional Library.  The students are given volunteer hours and letters to help them with job/university applications.

Reading and more reading is the most basic literacy skill for life.What You Can Do

Volunteers are always in demand.  Dedicated readers who can consistently attend the elementary schools to listen to students read and help them as needed is crucial for some of the students who don't receive encouragement with their literacy at home.  Reading in a safe environment with great volunteers can make all the difference in student's life long learning.  Princeton Leaders for Literacy strives to assist anyone who needs help with a volunteer.  

Volunteers are also always needed for The Amazing Literacy Race event which happens each May.  Volunteers assist with programs and in return those who want one receive a letter of recommendation.

Volunteers are needed to offer technology support at Princeton's local library.


Dierra Maynard
Literacy Outreach Coordinator
Charitable Number: 107859548RR0001

Finance & Governance