Princeton Family Services

Princeton Family Services Society is a community-based non-profit that has been serving our remote community for thirty three years. Our organization offers a variety of services to the community, including family services, victims assistance and child development programming.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Princeton Family Services Society was created over thirty years ago to offer families a wide variety of much needed services in our remote community.  We now have a number of contracts with the Provincial Government to provide services as well as delivering services in partnerships with other agencies. This has allowed us to bring a wide variety of programming and resources to young families and seniors alike.

Our Story What We Do

Princeton Family Resources Society offers a wide range of services to our community. Our programs are needs-driven, strength-focused, and both managed and delivered locally to ensure they are responsive to local needs.  We partner wherever possible to ensure that the potential benefits to local citizens are maximized given the relative lack of services and supports in our remote community. That includes programming focused on supporting individuals that have been the victims of violence or who are fleeing violence, programming targeted at supporting the family unit (including families experiencing difficulties), and programming focused on supporting parents that have young children with developmental disabilities.  We recently added programming that focuses on supporting individuals to address non-medical need impacting their health through referrals from local physicians.

Our Programs How We Do It

Princeton Family Resources Society offers a wide range of services to our community.  We counsel children and parents through our 'Children Who Witness Abuse' program, 'Stopping the Violence' program, and 'Safe Home' program.  We offer supports to family experiencing difficulties through funding and referrals from the Ministry of Children anf Family Development.  We open our Family Place three days a week to parents and children ages 0 to 6 during which the parents learn to interact well with others.  The parents partake in making a healthy lunch for all.  They have the opportuity to share recipes and often make large meals so the parents can take some home.  In addition to the family-based services during drop-in times, we offer parenting skills programs using the 'Nobody's Perfect' and 'Parenting Wisely' curriculums.

Our specialized child development programs include 'Children and Youth with Special Needs' program where our qualified staff work one on one with special needs children referred by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  The consultant in our 'Infant Development' program takes referrals for children aged 0 to 2 where there are developmental issues or concerns.  The program works in partnership with OSNS clinicians to support parents in understanding and meeting their child's developmental needs.

We have recently commenced a pilot program through funding from the 'A GP for Me' initiative.  The initative is managed locally by the South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice and has the overall goal of ensuring that residents of BC have access to a family physician.  In Princeton, the initiative is funding a 'Community Worker' who takes referrals from local family physicians to assist patients with non-medical issues that are impacting their health.  The program has been highly sucessful in reducing the workload experienced by local physicians.

What You Can Do

Many of the needs that the individuals and families we serve have, including basic needs like food and clothing, go unmet due to our limited capacity.  Princeton Family Services Society accepts donations of all kinds. 


Heather Eriksen
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 107859548RR0001