Penticton Scottish Festival Society

A one day festival that celebrates Celtic culture, music and sport. All ages participate in highland dancing, piping and drumming competitions and presentations. Local performance groups are featured as entertainment and local charitable groups participate in a fundraising capacity for their own program support. Competitors, participants and spectators travel from all over the province, all over Canada and Internationally and always stay a few days to enjoy and explore Penticton and local attractions. The Penticton Scottish Festival hires local suppliers and welcomes local vendors to sell their products throughout the day.

Our Impact Why We Exist

  The Festival supports and promotes the Celtic culture in our area by offering a highland dance competition and a piping and drumming competition.   Competitors range in age from the very young, to adult and it is amazing to see the skill level and the talent.     Giving our youth a glimpse of their history and encouraging them to participate in the culture and sports of that past is important to us.  

Our community benefits by having a chance to learn about Celtic music, dance and food.   Plus, our local residents get to attend a festival that is highly entertaining and may take them back in time to when they lived in the UK and the sound of a bagpipe and snare drum was a regular occurance.   

Our Story What We Do

From 1976-2006 the Penticton Highland Games were held on the first Saturday in July. For a variety of reasons the Highland Games were no longer sustainable. In November on 2012 a group of committed Celtic enthusiasts came together to bring back Celtic Culture to Penticton. We became incorporated under the Society Act on December 7, 2012. in June of 2013 we held a 'demo day' at Gyro Park to generate interest in going forward with a Penticton Scottish Festival in 2014. We were very pleased with the response from the community . We have also garnered great support from the British Columbia Pipers Association who were very pleased to hear that once again , Penticton would be hosting a Highland Games.

We are able to provide our competitors a chance to perform in front of quality judges and have a chance to win prize money and some bragging rights for a job well done.   Our spectators get to see some highly skilled competitors and see world famous pipe bands up close.

Local Celtic themed entertainment groups get some exposure and a chance to promote their act.   

There is a large Celtic population in B.C and Canada, our goal is to offer them a little bit of home when they come to see our event.  

Our Programs How We Do It

Organize an annual Scottish Festival that will include Highland Dancing competition, Piping, Drumming and Pipe Band competition, Heavy Event Competition, Mass band event, children's activities, Clan participation, local talent, and various other activities that will provide local businesses an opportunity to participate in and support this festival.

In 2016 and 2017, the Penticton Scottish Festival Society, has hosted a Robbie Burns Dinner Fundraising event.   Hot Hagus and cold ale are on the menu along with all the protocol of a real Burns Dinner.   The dinner has been very successful and as it is held in late January, it offers a great event during the quieter winter months in Penticton.  


Laura Dean

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 40,000