Penticton Regional Hospital - Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a not for profit organization under the umbrella of the Penticton Regional Hospital Auxiliary. Meals on Wheels provide hot and frozen meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Pride in our past and building our future. Enhancing client care and comfort every day.

Our Story What We Do

In 2006 the Penticton Regional Hospital Auxiliary was approached by the Penticton Regional Hospital Administrator to take over the Meals on Wheels Program. The members voted yes to this project and a Meals on Wheels Committee was formed. We have expanded our services to our clients to include frozen entrees, salads and dessert. Meals on Wheels are now delivering meals to Penticton, Naramata, Kaleden and Okanagan Falls.

Our Programs How We Do It

Meals on Wheels provides hot and frozen meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For some of our clients our volunteers are the only person they are in contact with for weeks at a time. There are numerous times when our volunteers have been asked to do minor tasks such as change a light bulb to major help such as calling an ambulance.


Judy Jefferies/ Sandra Henderson
Charitable Number: 891049249RR0001