Penticton Public Library

Penticton Public Library has been providing library service to the residents of Penticton since 1909. We house a diverse collection of resources which encourage lifelong learning and inspire imagination. We provide open access to our services and resources at no cost to the user. Penticton Public Library's mission is to be a thriving presence, responsive, and connected to our diverse community through innovative services, outreach and partnerships

Our Impact Why We Exist

Our Library is here to provide access to resources, space, information and ideas.

We are a hub of the community. Everyone is welcome through our doors and to use our space. Everyone with a library card may access our resources whether they be books, movies, magazines, computers, online resources, or simply a space to spend the afternoon. 

Our Story What We Do

At the heart of what we do is promote literacy for the 21st century needs. In light of all the challenges of an information age, libraries can be relied upon to provide access to good information in a world of “good enough”.

We assit our patrons in finding what they need whether it be automotive repair, job search skills, ancestors, recipes, or legal information. We are also a referal point to other community organizations with specialized skills. Access is our byword which means we collect broadly varying opinions deliberately and regardless of whether or not these are the opinions of the majority in our society. This effort to present wide ranging view points extends beyond the collection into our efforts in programming. We strive to bring in a wide range of ideas through speakers, films, and authors. 

Our Programs How We Do It

How the Penticton Public Library works towards achieving our strategic goals extends beyond programing and forms the heart of our operations.

1st. there are the library’s collections – as mentioned above this extends beyond popular material to try to ensure that we house the widest possible range of ideas and viewpoints; a huge task in of itself.

2nd there are the digital or technological services we offer. We are one of the few sites for public access computers in the City of Penticton, and as part of our commitment to intellectual freedom our computers are not restricted in any way. This of course poses a challenge in maintaining a family friendly public space. Additionally, we offer a wide range of online resources from e-book (audiobook, magazines, and streaming video) to informational databases for legal. Medical, as well as car repair to name a few.

3rd is our actual programing. We offer literacy related programing for all ages. From Baby Songs and Rhymes to our Learning @ Lunch we strive to inspire discovery for all ages. After all that is what libraries are about – discovering more and inspiring curiosity.


Heather Buzzell
Chief Librarian
Charitable Number: 106984081RR0001