Osoyoos Autism Behavioural Centre and Society

Providing support to children, families and community affected by autism.

Our Impact Why We Exist

this program was developed through a series of meetings involving parents, interventionists, speech and language pathologists and our behaviour consultant. This program was suggested because our under 6 group will now be in kindergarten and past graduates are in grades one and two. These children still need the support of their peers with ASD and we can offer this to them with our proposed program. This is the best solution for supporting these children and their siblings with professionals who are experienced in ASD and running social groups.

Our Story What We Do

the after school/ weekend social groups will be run by our behavioral interventionists. Groups will be held in a 2 hour time block allowing additional time for setup and take down, as well as record progress notes. These groups will be run twice weekly and once on  Saturdays. Groups will follow a Superflex Curriculum. The problem our proposed program is attempting to solve would be the social aspect of autism. children and their siblings are struggling to communicate alone or in a group of their peers.  This program will give them  the confidence they need with a safe and fun environment run by the professionals they need to help integrate into grade school. These There is a major need for this program as our children grow they need the social cues to help them make friends and do well in school or get a job.

Our Programs How We Do It

We run the after school and weekend social groups by our behavioural interventionists. Groups will be held in a two hour time block allowing time for set up and take down and recording of progress notes. Thess groups will be run twice weekly and once on saturdays bi-weekly.

What You Can Do

OABC is the only resource we have for these children and their families in our area, otherwise families drive at least one or 2 hours for these services, not an easy task by any means.  


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Charitable Number: 847916046RR0001

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 10,000