Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue

Volunteer Search and Rescue Group operating out of Oliver. Provides emergency Search and Rescue Services throughout the South Okanagan Similkameen Region.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue acts as an initial response team to provide emergency Search and Rescue services in the South Okanagan/Similkameen area as directed by the Provincial Emergency Program and the RCMP. Members maintain a high level of training in order to effectively provide these services.

Our Story What We Do

Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue was founded in 1973 and has operated in the community since then as a 100% volunteer run organization. Currently there are 20 active members. All Search and Rescue agencies in BC are maintained and coordinated by the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP). It does this as part of its overall responsibility for emergency preparedness and planning for disasters, floods, earthquakes etc. Training for SAR is developed and coordinated by the Emergency Management Division - PEP Academy at the Justice Institute of B.C. The training is standardized province wide. This means that the training a volunteer receives in one community can be transferred to another.

Our Programs How We Do It

The Oliver Osoyoos Search and Rescue (OOSAR) is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to providing emergency response search and rescue services in the South Okanagan/Similkameen area. All team members are trained in ground search and rescue techniques. Some team members have additional training in Avalanche Rescue, Swiftwater and Ice Rescue, Rope Rescue, and Tracking. We also provide mutual aid response to adjacent teams and as requested across the province. The team provides search and rescue services to: Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) RCMP and municipal police services Municipal fire services BC Ambulance Service Local and regional governments during civil emergencies. Our response area includes the Canada/USA border to the south, a northern boundary of Vaseaux Lake, western boundary of Mount Kobau and Orofino Mountain, and an eastern boundary of Conkle Lake and the turnoff to Mount Baldy at Hwy 3. OOSAR members engage in training activities on a weekly basis to maintain the skills/equipment needed to provide Search and Rescue services to the community. Members also engage in fundraising in order to finance day to day operational costs, training, and equipment purchases/upgrades/maintenance.


Meghan Vetsch
Charitable Number: 814493078RR0001

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 20,800