Oliver Elks Lodge #267

Oliver Elks Lodge #267 primarily serves the community of Oliver and RDOS Area C. Our Sunday Breakfast is served between the first Sunday in September and Father's Day and it is our most popular fundraiser. Through the Elks of Canada we support the national Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children, BC Family Hearing Resources Society and Elks' Camps for Children. Locally we support the Ambassador Program, hand out bursaries etc. - Main recipients of all our fundraiser efforts are the local children.

Sunday Breakfast Crew receiving their awardsOur Impact Why We Exist

Oliver Elks Lodge is a part of the Elks of Canada and its registered charity Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children. We also support BC Family Hearing Resource Society and BC Elks Camps for Children.  Our Lodge has been part of the community,  supporting Oliver families for a long time. We celebrated our 80th anniversary on May 20th, 2016. Our main objective is to support children and families in need in our community through various programs and activities like Sunday Breakfast, Bingo, Meat Draw and other periodical events. We cooperate with local businesses and service clubs to make our community a better place for all. We are registered as a non-profit society under the BC Societies Act.

Oliver Elks AmbassadorOur Story What We Do

Oliver Elks Lodge #267 has been active since May 20th, 1036. We support the children and families in need in our community through various fundraising activities such as Sunday Breakfast (between 3rd Sunday in September and Fathers' Day), Meat Draw, Bingo and other events. On regular annual basis we donate towards bursaries to South Okanagan Secondary School graduates, Oliver Ambassador program sponsorship, Oliver Children's Curling team, children's activities at Oliver Parks & Recreation, Christmas Hamper and Elks of Canada national charities (Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children, BC Family Hearing Resource Society). We also organize periodical fundraisers to help the local families survivors of natural disasters (Oliver mudslide, fires, etc) get back on their feet.

Volunteer of the monthOur Programs How We Do It

Everything we accomplished through 80 years has been and continues to be thanks to our volunteers. Just in the last year the top 15 volunteers accumulated close to 6000 hours. The volunteer hours at the Lodge surpased $60,000.00 value on top of the fundraisers, outside donations and in kind donations. We work hard but the smiles on peoples' faces, once the tasks are accomplished, are priceless.

Random visitors to the loungeWhat You Can Do

You can join our Lodge and volunteer or rent our Hall for your events and fundraisers. We always welcome volunteers to help us with our Sunday breakfast, Bingo, at the canteen and, if you belong to another local organization supporting local children, we might be able to reciprocate the help. Lodge meetings are on 2nd Tuesday of each month.

If you want to join or need mor information, contact us at 250-498-3808 or email us at: oliverelkslodge267@gmail.com

Since we are all volunteers, the response is not alway immediate but we do our best to return calls and email as soon as possible.


Lilly Zekanovic
Secretary - volunteer