Okanagan Falls Elementary Parent Advisory Council

Our group is composed of parents of children attending Okanagan Falls Elementary School. Our group objective is to raise money for funding supplementary projects that enhance the learning of children in our school.

Our Impact Why We Exist

A Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is essential for the fundraising and organization of enhanced learning opportunities, hot lunch programs, and classroom equipment for the kids in our school that would not otherwise be available through the regular school budget.  

Our Story What We Do

All parents of children in the Okanagan Falls Elementary school are members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  A school must have a PAC in order to access money from Government Gaming Grants to help aid extra curricular activities.  The PAC is also then responsible for the raising of all other money needed to supplement the grants for activities, run hot lunch programs and provide extra classroom equipment needed to help enhance the learning experience of the kids in the school.   Okanagan Falls Elementary is considered a rural school with a smaller population of students.  

Our Programs How We Do It

Currently we have a dedicated core of parents from within the membership that volunteer our time to working closely with the school Principle and teachers to first determine learning opportunities and needs of the school.  We fundraise and apply for grants to form a budget from which we can achieve these goals on an annual basis and then spend our time volunteering in the implementation of the funding and projects.  Past goals achieved have been the addition of an affordable hot lunch program one day a week, provision of self-regulation equipment for each classroom to help students with learning difficulties, swimming lessons for kindergarten to grade 3, curling lessons for grade 4-7, brought in Science world for a day of fun learning.

What You Can Do

We are always looking for funding opportunities to help support our hot lunch program and access to extra-curricular learning opportunities for our students.


Lindsay Hainstock