NeighbourLink Summerland

NeighbourLink Summerland "links" needs with volunteers directly changing outcomes. Neighbours helping Neighbours

Our Impact Why We Exist

NeighbourLink Summerland responds to the needs of the people of Summerland.

Our Story What We Do

Through our network of volunteers and a successful response model we are able to "link" needs of the people that contact our resource office.  NeighbourLink reaches out to the community through education, programs, community partner relationships.

Our Programs How We Do It

Anyone with a need can contact our office. Our trained volunteer office staff will assess their need. The office volunteer would contact a volunteer church coordinator. The coordinator will contact a volunteer. The volunteer would contact the person with the need to make the necessary arrangements. After the person with the need has been helped the volunteer would contact the volunteer coordinator, who would then contact the NeighbourLink office to inform them the need had been taken care of. The office would contact the person with the need to see how things went and if there is anything else NeighbourLink can do.

NeighbourLink also reaches out to other agencies for partnerships so that we can fufill the needs of the community.

What You Can Do

NeighbourLink is very grateful to its network of volunteers, supporters and community partners. With your help NeighbourLink has established itself as a "go to" agency in our community and other communities. Thank you for becoming a volunteer, a supporter or community partner. Thank you for supporting our many workshops, events, and forums. We appreciate your continued support.


Mirjana Komljenovic
Community Coordinator
Charitable Number: 882147507RR0001

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 18,900