McKinney Nordic Ski Club

We are a non-profit society operating a ski/snowshoe park for the general public, located 27 km from Oliver on the McKinney road toward Mt. Baldy.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We operate a ski/snowshoe park for our members and the general public.  There is a large shelter at the parking lot, with 2 smaller shelters along the trails. Each shelter has an associated outdoor toilet. Our volunteers keep the facilites well maitained and trails groomed.

Our Story What We Do

In addition to our general ski operation, we offer a ski school for grades 4 and 5 from 4  schools including the Nk'Mip native run elementary school. We provide the skis and boots, and 3 certified coaches at no charge. The Air Cadets also have access to our equipment when not in use by the school. 

Our Programs How We Do It

We are able to operate our programs by membership nad voluntary trail fees. We get some ontributions from the school district of each elementary school, and grants from the Oliver Kiwannis, and provincial gaming commision. Our volunteers are a major resource for maitaining a high level of support for our activities.

What You Can Do

Join us, your membership fee helps us keep the trails maintained and groomed. Voluntary contributions for trail use by non-members is appreciated. All are welcome to simply come out and enjoy our trails and quiet surroundings.


Skip King

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 6,000