Interior BC Brain Injury Services South Okanagan Division

Services Offered by Interior BC, Brain Injury Services, South Okanagan Division: Psychometric testing of all brain injury/medical health patients with follow-up and medical information available to patients, their families, local doctors and therapists to allow for accurate and timely follow-up as well as assessments and support for future problems. Group medical visits and other support groups for brain injury/mental health patients. Support, more specifically, information, and counselling offered by knowledgeable, educated, qualified medial staff. Activities offered, such as music therapy, allow for connection of brain injury/mental health people to combat isolation, which can cause greater negative effects of brain injury and mental health.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Interior BC, Brain Injury Services, South Okanagan Division (BISSO) will provide neuro-spychological/neuropsychiatric/behavioural assessments and ongoing team based care for the brain injury (including stroke)/mental health patient and support for their families. This results in improved quality of life physically, psychologically and socially.

Our Story What We Do

We want to fill in the gap in the community for brain injured/mental health patients (including stroke patients), by offering specific medical based interventions.

This year we served over 200 patients by offering medical based groups. Also had other support groups available to those with a brain injury/mental health diagnosis.

Our Programs How We Do It

A group medical visit is offered to brain injured/ mental health patients weekly. This is where a doctor and a trained specialist run a group, providing medical support, and information. This group runs from 10:00-11:30 every Tuesday. There is medical information offered, cognitve exercises practised, a time of sharing and a healthy snack with fresh produce and protein.

Other services include: a peer mentor program where patients are given support and information on how to become a peer mentor, as well as ongoing support for thos ewho are mentors.

Also music therapy, and a book club are offered on a regular basis alowing a time to meet, connect with those of like mind.

What You Can Do

Provide funds to allow these services to flourish. This population often has been hit with multiple losses. Loss of brain/bodily function, often loss of employment, often loss of relationships, loss of home, loss of identity. They deserve a time to rebuild their new identity and find out the strengths they have. This often takes time and clear guidance from specialized individuals. Funds are needed to pay for this type of support.


Lois Hansen
Executive Director

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Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 20,000