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If you are living with cancer, InspireHealth can help you find simple and practical steps to support your health. Work with our team of physicians, exercise therapists, clinical counsellors and nutritionists to optimize your health.

InspireHealth Our Impact Why We Exist

The program focuses on transforming the fear and anxiety associated with a cancer diagnosis into empowering self-care and greater levels of health and personal-responsibility. The individualized membership program consists of education, clinical services, and ongoing support. The educational element begins with the two day LIFE program in which participants are introduced to nutrition, exercise, stress management, and social and emotional support systems. Clinical visits consist of consultations with an InspireHealth family physician to co-create a self-management health plan, a nutritionist for a personalized nutrition plan, fitness assessments to determine safe forms of physical activity, and a clinical counselor for emotional support.

Our Story What We Do

We are a team of family physicians, nutritionists, exercise therapists, clinical counsellors, and administrative staff providing an individualized health and wellness approach for people living with cancer. Our emphasis is on lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, and mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of both people living with cancer and their support networks. 

Our Programs How We Do It

InspireHealth offers individualized programs for each member, which are developed based on initial consultations with each clinician. Follow-up consultations are available to all members.  Ongoing classes in cooking, exercise, meditation, yoga and support groups are offered to members. These classes are specifically developed for people living with a cancer diagnosis based on up-to-date research and best practices and are led by clinicians who are familiar with the circumstances of the participants.

We work with the patient, family doctor and oncologist to incorporate broader aspects of health and wellness into cancer care for each individual.  We offer educational talks to the public, physicians and other healthcare providers about the effectiveness of supportive cancer care at our Kelowna centre and out in the community.  

What You Can Do

InspireHealth covers an important gap in care for cancer patients and their families that is not currently offered by other health providers. Supportive care that includes exercise, nutrition, and emotional and social support can profoundly influence the impact of cancer treatments, quality of life, and survival of cancer patients.

Our purpose is to:

1. Provide supportive care for people with cancer and their families, in a safe, caring     and informative environment, supervised by medical doctors and respected professional health practitioners.

2. Inspire lasting lifestyle changes that enhance quality of life, reduce cancer recurrence and improve survival.

3. Research the effectiveness of a supportive approach to prevention, health and healing.


Terry Heidt
Clinical Director
Charitable Number: 108103920RR0001

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