Incredible Edible Penticton Society

Works to increase the amount of nutrient dense fresh foods available in the community Works to increase community knowledge of growing foods and gardening in general Works to increase knowledge of the agri-sector industry Works to Create a Community of Kindness Works to increase the amount of local foods consumed and to support the local business sector.

Incredible Edible Penticton SocietyOur Impact Why We Exist

How we can create change in our Community

It doesn't take big things to create big changes. It takes small things that capture the imagination. A vegetable plot with a revoluntionary sign "Help Yourself", "Food for Free", "Food to Share"

It's the story of growing public edible gardens. It's a story of a future that starts with what people have, not what they have not.

Give what you can. It's the Story of having fun in the process.

Incredibles in the CommunityOur Story What We Do

The 3 "Plates"

The Community Plate - be inclusive as possible - if you eat, you're in! The simple shared language of food is uniting the community in its efforts to create a kinder, greener world in and around our city.

The Education Plate - spreading food and food production through the whole school curriculum and beyond, growing a generation of young people who understand the importance of good soil, sustainably grown products and connecting with local farmland.

The Business Plate - IE Penticton has a big vision for business. It's about creating a local economy that works for local people. Creating a vibrant, innovative city for the 21st Century. Encouraging local farmers and producers. Encouraging local people to make the connection between what they are buying and the farmers who produce it.

Our thanks to Incredible Edible Todmorden, the founding group, and the video that made this all possible.

Food for Free, Food to ShareOur Programs How We Do It

Growing public edible gardens. Caring and Sharing, Creating a Community of Kindness.

Hasting Avenue Garden, Village by the Station SiteWhat You Can Do

As Incredibles we believe that everyone has a skill or talent to support our movement. A piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Whether it be gardening skills, computer skills, design skills, public speaking, fundraising everyone can join with us to create this amazing project.


Hilma LaBelle
Project Lead
Charitable Number: 107951618RR0170

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 20,000