Friends of the Keremeos Skating Rink

Local, registered charity that makes skating and hockey more accessible and affordable for children and youth in the Keremeos area.

Outdoor Mites Hockey January 2015 Keremeos Our Impact Why We Exist

Our goal is to have more children enjoying the local outdoor rink, improving their skating skills, getting exercise, and playing hockey at a recreational level with proper protective equipment.  

We work to provide consistency in skating programs from year to year.  At our small rink, programs have to be developed and supported by volunteers.

Friends of the Keremeos Skating Rink reduces the financial barriers to  skating by providing free skating passes for school aged children and by subsizing the fees for hockey and skating lessons.

We provide hockey equipment for all those participants who do not have their own.  We maintain the rental skates and provide replacements skates as needed.

Outdoor Skating lessons at Kermeos RinkOur Story What We Do

Our two purpose on our constitution are:

1. To promote access to the Keremeos Skating Rink and its programs by the general public.

2. To gift funds to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act.

 We exist to keep the Kereemeos Skating Rink a vital part of the community, particularly as a place for children and youth to excercise, socialize, and to enjoy outdooor, safe and fun activities.   As part of a small recreation centre with very limited funds, all programs at the rink must be developed and supported by volunteers.  Public skating and drop-in hockeey fees need to be subsidized to keep them affordable to the public in line with fees in larger communities.  

We focus on lowering finacial barriers, safety and access (keeping the rink open to the public as much as possible).

The rink serves the area of the village of Keremeos, RDOS area G (Hedley, Olalla, rural Keremeos), RDOS area B (Cawston) as well as the territories of the Lower and Upper Similkameen Indian Bands.  The total population is about 4800 of which approximately 650 are between 4 and 18 years old.  The skating and hockey programs always have a strong representation of minority groups such as First Nations and first generation Indo-Canadians.

Outdoor hockey at Keremeos RinkOur Programs How We Do It

1. By cash gifting to the Similkameen Recreation Centre, Friends of the Keremeos Skating Rink is able to  reduce fees that the public pays for the following programs during the two month long skating season:

Skating Lessons:  Friends of the Keremeos Rink has ensured that there have been skating lessons at the rink since 2009. We work at finding good instructors and youth volunteers.  The registration fees are reduced by 28% for  25 - 30 children per year.

Mites Hockey: Registration fees are reduced by  35% for children 5 to 8 years old.  Drop in fees for the same program are reduced by 41% for 64 drop-in participants in 2013/14 season.

Sticks and Pucks Drop-In Hockey for 9 - 14 year olds:  Fees are reduced by 50% for 104 dop-in participants in the 2013/14 season.  Adult supervision is provided. 

Public Skating:  Friends of the Keremeos Skating Rink provides free skating passes to all school aged children and youth. The value of the each pass is now $2.85 and allows entry to one public skating session.  In the December 2013/ January 2014 season, 682 passes were redeemed.

2. Equipment:

Helmets:  We ensure there is an adequate supply of helmets for use in hockey programs and skating lessons for all participants you don't have their own.  They are maintained, repaired or replaced as needed.

Hockey protective equipment:  We ensure that there in an adequate supply of hockey protective equipment for use in the hockey programs for anyone who doesn't have their own equipment.  We maintain, repair or replace the equipment as needed.

Skates:  Friends of the Rink has tripled the number of skates available for rental since 2009.  We bring them in for sharpening in Penticton and repair and replace laces and insoles as needed.  We provided new shelving to accommodate the increased number of skates.


Friends of the Keremeos Skating Rink increases the awareness of the public skating schedule, lessons and hockey by handing out schedules to students via the schools, as well as putting up posters and notices at the schools and bulletin boards throughout the community.

Outdoor skating Lessons at Keremeos RinkWhat You Can Do

Friends of the Keremeos Skating Rink seeks public support for the following:

1. Volunteers to help with skating lessons and drop-in hockey;

2. Volunteers to help in fundraising such as selling raffle tickets;

3. Donations of refundable bottles and cans for our fund raising;

4. Donations of cash to support our programs;

5. Donations of skates, helmets and hockey equipment for use during our programs.


Donna Bartlett
Charitable Number: 852533868RR0001

Finance & Governance