Erris Volunteer Fire Association

A Volunteer Fire Department providing both Fire and Medical first response to the properties in the Erris District (12km to 32km) Princeton Summerland Road, Princeton B.C. The Erris Volunteer Fire Department can also be called upon by BC Forest Service for assistance with wild land fires.

Our Impact Why We Exist

The Erris Volunteer Fire Association was formed in 2009 by a group of concerned citizens who recognized the need to provide both Fire and Medical First response to the 220 properties of the Erris district.  The Erris district falls outside the fire protection districts of both the Princeton Volunteer Fire Brigade and Hayes Creek Fire Rescue.  In the case of medical emergency, response time from B.C. Ambulance to our area could be 30 minutes or more.  The response time for the EVFA Response Team is 10 minutes or less.

Our Story What We Do

Through the efforts of 16 volunteer fire fighters and medical first responders, the EVFA responds to all 911 Emergency calls to the 220 properties in the Erris district, including the KVR trails that run through our district.  The types of dispatched calls can be fire, medical or motor vehicle accidents.  The EVFA can also called upon to provide fire fighting assistance to the B.C. Wildfire Management Branch and through a mutal aid agreement, Hayes Creek Fire Rescue.

Our Programs How We Do It

In the case of an emergency, the call is dispatched through the 911 Emergency System to all members of the EVFA First Response Team.  The Response Team will divide itself between reporting directly to the scene with other members reporting to the Erris Fire Hall who will then bring the emergency specific equipment to the emergency scene.

If the EVFA did not exist, the properties of the Erris area would not have any fire fighting protection and could potentialy wait over an hour for medical assistance.

What You Can Do

As the EVFA is self funding and does not recieve monies through property taxes, we rely on donations ranging from monetary to equipment that certified Fire Departments can no longer use.  We have been very fortunate to receive equipment purchased by local citizens and then donated to the EVFA.  The properties in the Erris District also pay an annual registration fee which helps to cover the EVFA's operating costs.


Rick Freeman
Charitable Number: 851499087RR0001