Critteraid (Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society)

The women, men and students of Critteraid fulfill a need in our society that is often overlooked and overwhelming. Each and every animal that has sanctuary at Critteraid is special. As volunteers, it is our pleasure to right some of their wrongs and to step up when humankind has so badly let them down.

CritteraidOur Impact Why We Exist

Critteraid's mission is to promote and foster animal welfare through the provision of sanctuary, education and rescue.

Critteraid-Respect for AllOur Story What We Do

Critteraid started in 1991 as a small cat sanctuary with 30 cats. Within a few years, Critteraid started assisting the Penticton and Summerland Dog Pound with the placement of dogs. In 1994, after the Garnet Fire in Penticton, Critteraid started doing emergency animal rescue work and volunteers trained through the United Animal Nations organization out of the U.S. The cat sanctuary was never a shelter in a traditional sense but a place where cats from animal shelters and cats that were feral or with issues or strays could go and live the rest of their lives without expectation and fear. In 2005, Critteraid purchased a 10 acre farm in Summerland and thus began the addition of pasture animals. The dogs and pasture animals were added to the Constitution after the organization had been formed.

Today, Critteraid Farm houses 50+ cats, 2 donkeys, 5 alpacas, 1 goat, and 2 private horses. Critteraid is now comprised of several specific divisions:

Cat Sanctuary

Critteraid’s Cat Sanctuary is located at Critteraid Farm and provides sanctuary for cats that simply have nowhere to go. The feline residents include many feral cats, as well as cats with various limitations including FIV, Feline Leukemia, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and some with psychological issues. The sanctuary is the safe place for those special souls and Critteraid strives to give them a life free of anxiety in their own “forever” home. Most of these cats are considered adoptable to very special human beings.

The Dog House

This program is presently in hiatus until a Director and a Coordinator are available. The Dog House Division enjoys a mutual aid agreement with Summerland and Penticton Animal Control and accepts dogs when we have foster homes available to provide them with safe shelter. Many of the dogs Critteraid will receive are seniors or dogs who have been abandoned or abused.

Critteraid Farm - Pasture Animals

Critteraid Farm was home to Lady Antebellum, our beloved cow (recently passed away); Maya, a standard donkey, Skippy, a miniature donkey, alpacas Noah, Malachi, Gideon, Zach and Eli; horses Hutch and Rainbow; and Caramel our goat.

Project Equus

The Project Equus initiative was published in 2010 to trigger discussions on how to keep the wild horses of BC from starvation and slaughter. The proposal addresses Public Safety, Sound Equine Health, Good Range Management Practices, Compassionate Equine Training, Secure Future for the Horse and Viable Tourism Entrepreneurship.

Outreach Program

What began as a food program for the animals belonging to transient fruit pickers in the Okanagan has developed into assisting people who manage feral cat colonies, sponsorship of interest free loans for veterinary services where we can, and provisions of food for the downtrodden. With all of this comes the necessity for special fundraising to support this program.


Education is a vital element in the mission and mandate of Critteraid, and as such, the Education division of Critteraid was established to provide information through a variety of programs and sessions that focus on animal welfare. We are excited to have several new programs currently under development that are geared toward helping our volunteers and our own Board of Directors. In addition, we are making revisions to our Youth Education Program, and hope to be able to offer that to the community soon, as we feel that educating our youth is critical to ensuring that compassion for animals is instilled in our next generation.

Critteraid-Courage to SpeakOur Programs How We Do It

The sanctuary of animals in dire need and possible rehoming of adoptable animals is Critteraid's primary activity.

Critteraid is overseen by the Critteraid Board of Directors. This Board is a "working" Board, who are volunteers themselves. These tireless individuals work alongside teams of volunteers to care for the animals, organize and facilitate fundraising activities, and oversee all matters that affect the comfort, safety, and well-being of animals in our care.

To learn more about Critteraid, please visit our website at:

Critteraid-Care FreelyWhat You Can Do

Critteraid is a 100% volunteer-run, non-profit, charitable organization, and as such, exists and operates through the goodwill, cooperation and generosity of its volunteers.

We rely on donations and fundraising activities to provide veterinary care, farrier care, food, kitty litter, property maintenance, and other expenses directly related to supporting the animals in our care.

Critteraid is always in need of additional volunteers, and support through the following fundraising activities:


Join our volunteer team! Check out our current openings, and obtain your Volunteer Application Form at:

Critteraid Charity Thrift Shoppe

Our unique Shoppe is located at 13208 Victoria Road North, in Summerland BC. It has become the mothership of our fundraising efforts, and offers amazing finds that will suit any budget. Open 6 days a week, and all proceeds (after taxes and utilities) go directly toward helping the animals in our care. For specific store hours and additional information please go to:

Become a Member

Our members are kind, caring, generous individuals, dedicated to animal welfare. If you would like to count yourself among us, we would love to have you! Please complete your Membership Application at:


Although we apply for grants on a continual basis, Critteraid does not receive any constant donations or funding in order to budget and plan fiscally without worry. It is the individual donations of ordinary people that has sustained us over all these years. We consider these people "extraordinary". If you are able to help in any way, we would be thankful for your donation. For more information, or to Donate to help the animals in the care of Critteraid, please visit:

Charity Bottle Drive

We have locations in Summerland (behind the Summerland IGA), and Penticton (in the Marketplace IGA parking lot), and are typically open Saturdays 10am-3pm. You can also call us for pickup at 250-493-6205.

Specific Fundraisers

Critteraid organizes various fundraisers throughout the year. Some are held for specific projects, some for specific divisions within Critteraid, and some are even held to help specific animals in need. These fundraisers include: BowWow BBQ, Mutt Strut, Charity Tins (located throughout the South Okanagan), Bake Sales, etc. Please come out and support our events - we'd love to see you there! A list of our current events can be seen on our website at: