Children for a Better Future

Children for a Better Future Learning Society is a not-for-profit organization created by parents, educators and professionals committed to offer high quality child care and learning experiences to children, adolescents, parents and educators. We want to accomplish our goal by creating centers in the area of the Okanagan to support children, adolescents, parents and educators in the task of taking care of the next generation. We also offer outreach programs. Currently, we are opening an innovative childcare center in Oliver, BC.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Our Manifesto

We have a vision for a sustainable and harmonious world where people have the tools to be happy in their relationships, work, family and community.

We want to improve education so that our young people - the future generations – are enriched,not just educated, and empowered, not just skilled.

We want them to have what it takes to face every challenge and enjoy doing so.

We want them to know how to find and create balance in themselves and the world around them.

We encourage diversity and change-makers, not conformity.

We want them to have the leadership skills to make a better planet and a better life.​

We want to raise Children for a Better Future.

Our Story What We Do

We are a team of educational professionals that have been working for many years in the field, as well as participating in hands-on research on the best type of education possible to open up the minds of our children and students.

We take an all-encompassing and active approach to education and developmental support for the livelihood of all parts of society. Our philosophy is based on strong emotional connections and friendship, critical thinking and creativity, teamwork and innovation that begins in infancy and does not stop with age.

Education of the mind and soul of children, youth and adults includes direct contact with nature, each other, art, music, and teamwork building activities, as well as many others. Our aim is to help nurture and educate the next generations to be leaders and stewards of the planet and their own life.

Our Programs How We Do It

Our programs are very diverse, active, and tailored to the participants and include:

Childcare Centre

We are opening a childcare centre in Oliver, BC, where curriculum methods include elements of democratic education, unschooling, and other awesome methodologies, and our own unique blend of fun activities- in a holistic, intergenerational setting!

Our Family Programs

We believe that it is incredibly important to nurture the connections within the family in our increasingly busy and digital world. Our family programs provide opportunities for parents to establish a stronger bond with their children while experiencing new things together. This raises self-esteem, promotes cooperation and listening between parents and children (and siblings!), and makes great memories.

Children’s Programs

Children of all ages have fun expanding their minds and skills through our innovative programs, which combine fun projects with elements of teamwork, creativity, leadership, kindness, social-emotional learning, connection with one's self and nature, arts, music, movement, and a quest to rediscover how amazing life can be without constant digital screens.

Outreach Programs

Reconnecting: Keeping Human Connection in a Technological Era: A thought-provoking talk based on current scientific research about the risks of screen time.

We have seen the effects that modern technology has on this generation, including the measurable loss in empathy and human connections, as well as the parellel rise in depression and anxiety disorders.  We volunteer countless hours in research and in talking about these effects and solutions to the rising problem of overuse of screen time with educators, parents, youth and children through our Reconnecting lectures.

Whole Foods for the Whole Family: A fun workshop on how to make tasty and healthy foods on a budget that will benefit the whole family!

Anti-bullying and Kindness Workshop: The Story of Bill and his House on the Hill follows a man who has grass hair, shunned by the rest of society for his difference, as he goes  on a journey of finding creative solutions to overcome the obstacles of how people treat him.

What You Can Do

We are a dedicated group of volunteers that care for the planet and its young citizens, and we are working to create interpersonal foundations for all members, young and old. To do so, we use many diverse tools that empower and enrich the participants' motor skills, critical thinking, creativity, team work and cooperative abilities, and compassionate listening skills. These tools include: unique musical instruments, props, natural materials, puppets, crafts, scientific experiments, as well as many different mediums of art, and more.

To support these tools, equipment and tools, you can donate with monetary funds, personal donations from our wish list (see below) or through volunteering in our events, classes or programs; such as teaching or guiding a class to the next generation, teaching them important skills that will benefit all.

The following wish list are items that can support the whole community, not only children, but also youth and adults. Our team of professionals have many years of experience and have researched innovative educational methods. As a result, we see that the following can help strengthen and nourish connections between nature, each other and ourselves.

  • a natural playground made from wood or renewable resources:  Big Blue Blocks, Earth and Bamboo Structures, Habitat Systems Incorporated, Columbia Cascades, to name a few.
  • a musical wall (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • 30 ukuleles or other types of musical instruments (ie. drums: hand drums, dunduns, drumkit, etc, marimbas, accoustic guitars)
  • sound system
  • sponsoring a practical parenting course
  • sponsoring an event (fundraising, lecture, arts and crafts celebration, etc.)
  • art materials (water based, non-toxic paint, canvas, tie-die materials, paint brushes, smocks, paper, etc.)


May Cooper
Administrative Assistant

Finance & Governance