Cawston Primary School PAC

The Cawston school PAC, alongside with the administration of the school, work together to promote the well being and effectiveness of all stakeholders in the school community and thereby enhance student learning. The Cawston school is not a Charitable Society. However, for the purpose of this grant it will partner with the School Board to ensure the funds get used as intended.

Our Impact Why We Exist

The Cawston Primary School PAC:

- Provides a structure in which parents, principal, teachers, students and community members can talk about education in their school.

-Represents the voice of everyone in the school community on educational issues; individual opinions are encouraged and valued.

Our Story What We Do

The Role of the PAC is to...

-Support the mission and goals of the school

-Inform and involve the school community

-Represent the school community

-Work within school board policies

-Focus on best interests of students

-Work with other school PACs

-Provide advice to school boards

Our Programs How We Do It

The Cawston Primary School PAC meets once a month (during school months) to discuss issues and initiatives to enhance learning for the students.

We also try to enhance the quality of life of students in different ways.- We aim to offer support to the school, so that certain activities are possible; such as swimming and skating classes.

- We help pruchase material that the school needs, but can't afford. In the last year, the PAC purchased 2 smartboards and one projector. At the last meeting, we voted on buying new primary school designed carpets. The carpets will replace the old worn out carpets, in a effort to reduce allergens and to help enhance learning for the students.

- We organize a hot meal every month.

- We organize a milk and cookie day every month.

- We are instauring a community movie night every month, starting in March.

- We organize parents volunteers, when they are needed for certain school functions.

What You Can Do

Financial support directed to the school or the school PAC is greatly appreciated.


Josee-Anne Rouleau
Member of the Cawston Primary School Parent Advisory Committee