Canadian Cancer Society British Columbia and Yukon Division

The Pentiction unit is part of the Southern Interior division of the CCS BC & Yukon Division.. We provide assistance to the general public in the southern region of the Okanagan Similkameen

Our Impact Why We Exist

Our impact since the 1940's includes funding leading research that has increased survival rates for all cancers from 28% to more than 63%! We also support persons living with cancer financially and our progressive research has dramatically improved the quality of life of people going through a cancer journey.

Our Story What We Do

We provide financial, transportation, and emotional support to persons/families experiencing cancer journeys; we advocate to the government to alter legislation to support safe and toxin free communities; we educate our communities in activities and behaviours that increase the risk of cancer; we conduct leading research that reduces cancer mortality rates and increases the quality of life of persons living with cancer. We also engage in large fundraising campaigns including the Daffodil Campaign and the Relay for Life events throughout the Southern Interior. In the Southern Interior our lodge provides subsidized housing, prosthetics, wigs and support plus we offer a volunteer driver's program offering transportation to and from treatment across the Region. This past fiscal year the SI supported over 4,560 clients access these programs with an additional $170,000 spent on financial subsidy. 

Our Programs How We Do It

We deliver our programs through a large network of volunteers (over 3000 in the Southern Interior) and staff. We have unit offices including a very active and engaged unit in Penticton that assist clients in accessing our financial support program, the volunteer drivers' program, and that help clients select a wig or prosthesis through our mirror image program. We have large databases that assist us with matching our clients to the right person (support, advocacy, social worker, financial aid, physician, etc.) and that allow our massive volunteer workforce to schedule their volunteer activities

What You Can Do

Our donor dollars are often designated to financial support programs, research and communtiy education activities which means it is very difficult to find funds or donations to purchase capital assets such computers, printers, and general office equipment. The Penticton Unit of the CCS is requesting a grant in the amount of $800 for a multi-function printer/scanner so that the services that we provide to the community can be done in a more cost effective and efficient manner. At this time we are unable to scan financial aid applications, expense reimbursements from volunteers, or any documents that require signatures to the Regional office. We currently have a small printer that only copies or prints 8.5 x 11 inch documents which is very restrictive in doing business. Many of or fundraising duplicate forms are all done in 8.5 X 14 inch documents (Relay for Life donation forms, Daffodil Campaign order forms, etc.) which we have to mail to the Regional Office for processiong which is timely and costly. The unit office would benefit greatly from having the increased multi-function unit both from an efficiency perspective but, more crucially our donor's generous contributions will be directed away from this administrative cost.


Eric Kutschera
Assistant Treasurer
Charitable Number: 118829803RR0002

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