AlleyCATS Alliance Society

AlleyCATS Alliance provides rescue, rehabilitation, medical care and adoption to feral and orphaned cats and kittens throughout the Okanagan Valley.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Our mission is to reduce the population of abandoned cats and kittens and feral cat colonies in the South Okanagan. We strive to accomplish our mission by having these cats spayed and neutered with help from local veterinarians and to provide socialization and adoption through our volunteer fosterers.

Our Story What We Do

AlleyCATS Alliance became a Registered Charity in October 2012. Since then we have provided assistance to residents to rescue over 500 free roaming cats in local neighbourhoods. We have these cats spayed/neutered, provide medical care, rehabilitation through our volunteer fosterers and facilitate adoptions. AlleyCATS Alliance also provides financial assistance to lower income residents who are unable to pay for spaying or neutering. This assistance is made possible through grants acquired throughout the year and donations earmarked for spay/neuter assistance.

Our Programs How We Do It

Our organization relies on the volunteer assistance of our active board members and our growing volunteer base. We receive calls from Lake Country to Osoyoos from residents who require assistance to rescue cats and kittens who continue to show up in their neighbourhoods or homes. In 2015 we impacted over 200 rescued cats and kittens many of whom were adopted to new homes and/or re-released to their colonies to be fed, watered and provided shelter by local residents. Our 63 volunteers are involved in a variety of our programs: Trapping cats from colonies, transporting cats to veterinarians for spaying/neutering, feeding and cleaning during recovery and eventual re-release. Some of these younger cats show promise of rehabilitation and so volunteers provide further socializing at foster homes before adoption. Our volunteers also provide educational information at our appearances at farmer's markets, malls, special events and adoption expos where we strive to impart the importance of spaying/neutering pets to help reduce the amounts of cats and kittens who are faced with a grim life on the streets, disease, predators and untimely death.

What You Can Do

There are 4 ways you can help out. Be a donor, join as a member, adopt a rescued cat or kitten or volunteer. Volunteers are integral to our organization. AlleyCATS Alliance is looking for new volunteers to join our Trap/Neuter/Release team to help with trapping and transportation of rescued cats and kittens. Foster homes are urgently needed to provide care and recovery for kittens of all ages and adoption facilitators are required in Kelowna and Penticton to help with cat and kitten placements in new homes. AlleyCATS Alliance is also in need of fun, creative volunteers to help with planning and executing our fundraising events such as yard sales, pub nights and pet photos. We need people to sell raffle tickets, procure silent auction items and prize donations for our fundraising events and to sell great stuff at our yearly huge fundraising yard sale. We also require cat care volunteers for our adoption centres and if you have great computer skills, we are looking for photographers and video editors to document our events and cat rescues.


Aja Jackson
Program Administrator
Charitable Number: 801502501RR0001