Accessible Okanagan

Accessible Okanagan was created to promote and provide peer group support for people with physical disabilities through weekly meetings, social events, special events, and sport. Accessible Okanagan has created a comfortable social community for peers, loved ones and caregivers to interact and share vital information through life experiences and therefore greatly improving quality of life.

Our Impact Why We Exist

The Accessible Okanagan community assists hundreds of individuals influenced by physical challenges.  We understand the need for a well connected and interactive community that encourages and promotes activites and events throughout the Okanagan.  Having a physical challange can be extremely difficult however, by creating a strong interactive commmunity, we can break some of those personal boundaries and encourage inclusiveness to accomplish much more than they dreamed possible.  

Our Story What We Do

Accessible Okanagan was established in 2015 by peers of the community.  All 7 of the board members along with the Executive Director are wheelchair bound.  All members of the board reside in the Okanagan from Kamloops to Osoyoos.  

We understood a need for community and provide a comfortable interactive environment for peers to share information and learn from one another.  

Our Programs How We Do It

Our programs are strongly supported by volunteers and personal connections throughout the community.  We rely heavily on donations and community support to host events.  Our social media network provides a central location to keep people informed on our events along with many other non-profit activities throughout the year. 

Promotional adaptive programs include:

·        Fishing

·        Camping

·        Handcycling

·        Weekly coffee groups

·        Wheelchair Rugby

·        Wheelchair Tennis

·        Sledge Hockey

·        Adaptive Golfing

What You Can Do

New and exciting events ideas are always appreciated.  If you want to host an adaptive event or activity, please let us know.  Community support through food donations for bbq's or event locations for events such as camping are also valued.  We have a large and dedicated group of volunteers and if you’re interested in becoming part of our community, please let us know.   


James Hektner
Executive Director

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 8,000